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People from all walks of life, who have many different reasons for wanting to be self employed, gain more financial independence or earn extra income are enjoying the business opportunity brought about by buying a cleaning contract.

I have been working with CCS for the last 6+ years , I have found them to be of high standing honest and always willing to help and provide support if required .

All the contracts that I have had the pleasure of owning have been well quoted no hidden extra’s and full training and equipment is provided so you can be confident in investing with CCS.

Complaints are always handled in a professional and timely manner with no impact to the customer, from my experience I would highly recommend CCS to family and friends and to anyone that may want to start working for themselves.

Gus Hanna

Self employed cleaner by night – Banking employee by day

I started working with CCS a little over 7 years ago after purchasing 2 cleaning contracts from them. Being brand new to cleaning and with the combined purchase price totalling $17k, I was quite nervous as to what I had gotten myself into.

After a bit of adjustment on my part however i soon found office cleaning to be an easy way to make money and had my days free to go surfing as much as I pleased – something i could only dream about at my previous desk job in the city.

The warranty on one of my contracts was soon put to the test when one of the places i was cleaning went out of business – however CCS put my mind at ease and quickly found me a replacement job in the same area with the equivalent income of the lost job.

Since then i have had 6 contracts with CCS and with their attractive job quotes, have happily remained with them all of these years. From time to time the odd client has proven difficult to work with and it is at these times CCS has really come through for me; I have observed that John (senior operations manager) will go to great lengths to get as much information as possible from BOTH sides and only then put forth an amicable solution that pleases both the cleaner and the client. John has worked his way up from the trenches to the office and as such understands what obstacles a cleaner must overcome along the way.

Additionally, the team at CCS as a whole have always been easy to reach and have proven to be knowledgeable and helpful with whatever i’ve put to them. I can highly recommend CCS to not only those brand new to cleaning but also to experienced cleaners looking for additional, reliable income.

Bob Diner

Self employed cleaner by night – Surfer by day

I was introduced by my friend and I have been working with CCS since 2006, and I find them very helpful and supportive which makes me feel very confident of what I am doing with them as all the sites I have been cleaning are inspected by CCS inspectors regularly and report to me if there are any issues.

I have been very happy with CCS in all this time and am sure I will continue to will be very happy with them in the future.

Brian Kim

Full time self employed cleaner with his own team

If you are keen to pursue your interest to buy a cleaning business or cleaning franchise we are confident that Cleaning Contract Sales can offer you a cleaning contract that is one of the fairest and best in Sydney.

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