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People from all walks of life, who have many different reasons for wanting to be self employed, gain more financial independence or earn extra income are enjoying the business opportunity brought about by buying a cleaning contract.

I have been working with CCS for the last 6+ years , I have found them to be of high standing honest and always willing to help and provide support if required .

All the contracts that I have had the pleasure of owning have been well quoted no hidden extra’s and full training and equipment is provided so you can be confident in investing with CCS.

Complaints are always handled in a professional and timely manner with no impact to the customer, from my experience I would highly recommend CCS to family and friends and to anyone that may want to start working for themselves.

Gus Hanna

Self employed cleaner by night – Banking employee by day

I partnered with Building Cleaning Services as their floor cleaning specialist at the start of 2019, BCS is an absolute treat to work with and provide amazing services to their clients.
The staff are very professional and courteous, they always make sure the jobs and admin are running smoothly, they handle any problems that arise quickly and professionally.
I highly recommend using BCS as a cleaning service or for work!

George Mackay

Owner of G. Mackay & Co

I have been dealing with BCS for 2 years now. They are a professional group of people who understand their customers needs and always go over and above to provide the service they commit to. Highly recommend BCS if you are looking for a commercial cleaning service.

Philip Dissanayake

Owner, Universal Cleaning

I was introduced by my friend and I have been working with CCS since 2006, and I find them very helpful and supportive which makes me feel very confident of what I am doing with them as all the sites I have been cleaning are inspected by CCS inspectors regularly and report to me if there are any issues.

I have been very happy with CCS in all this time and am sure I will continue to will be very happy with them in the future.

Brian Kim

Full time self employed cleaner with his own team

As a cleaning contractor myself, I have known BCS for almost 14 years now and they always have been a true partner in providing all the supports we need in running the cleaning business. We have our trusts in them and recommend to any cleaning business owners who are looking to purchase new contracts.

Steven OH


As a staff of BCS I feel very happy and comfortable to work for them. The management  is very supportive, cultured and well organised. There is always someone to listen and help you at any time.


BCS Staff Member

We have been working with BCS for two years and will continue to do so…their loyalty to/promise to customer service is second to none.
are friendly and (able to reply or react/quick to respond)They always do their best to make sure that concerns are talked to/looked at and have really gone above and beyond.

Suneetha Medala

I have always looked forward to working with BCS Cleaning Services over the years, as they have taken pride in keeping my office cleaning businesses still alive and still going strong. A big thank you to all the staff at BCS. The BCS is like having your own office staff, who ensures a smooth sailing all the way for your cleaning businesses 

Eddie Fang

Cleaning Contractor

BCS is a good company to work for. They are loyal to their employees and their clients. They take pride in what they do.

Tessie Vella

Cleaner, BCS

Cleaning business is great way to earn extra income after hours for people from all walks of life. As a Cleaning contractor myself I have pleasure working with BCS from last 5 years and BCS have provided me with all the professional support required to run a cleaning business from training, equipment and handling any client’s requests or complaints. 

Vivek Jaraith

Cleaning Contractor, BCS

If you are keen to pursue your interest to buy a cleaning business or cleaning franchise we are confident that Cleaning Contract Sales can offer you a cleaning contract that is one of the fairest and best in Sydney.

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