How To Get Started

Once you’ve made the decision to have your own cleaning business there is little to no delay to get started.

Step 1

Telephone our Contract Sales Manager

The first step is to have a chat on the telephone or via Skype with our Contract Sales Manager who will ask a few questions about yourself and your needs and answer any questions you have.  You will go over every aspect of the business in more detail. This will include the details of our legal obligations as well as the cleaning contracts for sale, the cleaning duties, the onsite induction/orientation and ongoing support. We’ll answer any questions and discuss any concerns that you have.

Step 2

Buying a Contract

It is simply a matter of choosing the contract that suits you best. The written contract is then signed by both parties, (yourself and us) and paid in full before commencing.

Our contracts are quite straightforward, written in plain English and emphasize our obligations to you as much as your obligations to us. They also explain your Warranty that protects your investment.

The arrangements for your onsite orientation and induction, including the set date and time, are made immediately.

Step 3

Start the onsite Orientation and Induction

Your training officer will meet you onsite and will walk you through every step of the Cleaning Specification from chemicals required, to the setting of the alarm and any unusual tasks the client has specified.

If needed, he will also show you each task and in what order so that you can move through the site systematically and time efficiently.

The orientation is a proven systematic process, not just lip-service. For medium to larger jobs the average handover time is up to a full week, to ensure you have understood what the client requires and results in you being able to perform your job efficiently, confidently and consistently. When the orientation is completed to our Training Officer and your satisfaction, you will both sign a Training Certificate as a final step.

Step 4

Ongoing Support

We visit each site periodically or as needed as a quality control measure which plays a key role in the security of your contract, therefore any issues or customer complaints that may arise are quickly addressed and resolved. We listen to both sides of the story if there is a complaint direct to us we devise positive solutions that result in happy cleaners as well as happy customers.

Cleaning Contracts Sales Sydney