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Cleaning Contract Sales

Cleaning Contract Sales is a subsidiary of Commercial/Office cleaner, Building Cleaning Services Sydney, a privately owned and operated Australian franchise company that has been established since 1989 and has serviced the commercial cleaning contracts/franchise industry exclusively throughout its history.

The company was first formed to fulfill a need in the marketplace to make cleaning contracts available to those people interested in franchise cleaning as an independent and easy way to make more income.

With several decades of experience we have established extremely efficient operations and the quality and security of the contracts reflect our expertise.

Office cleaning is not only the easiest cleaning, it is also mostly similar functions for all clients. By specialising in this one area we have developed long term and proven workable systems in all areas of our company that ensure every contract is profitable and that both cleaners and clients are satisfied customers.

We have a fully manned office at Mortlake with a team of full time staff taking care of every aspect of the contracts and their security.

Our Sales and Marketing division works hand in hand with our Operations division ensuring the contracts are properly and realistically quoted from the outset.


Our aims are:

  • as with any company, to ensure the clients are happy with their cleaning
  • often neglected in other companies, to ensure the cleaners are well cared for with ongoing support so their performance is peak and their contract is profitable for them

Our accounts department runs like clockwork and accounts payable and receivable are run on a regular schedule.

With a strong established Marketing, Sales, Operations and Administration structure, our franchise cleaning system is as simple as it gets because our cleaning franchise is simply a matter of buying a cleaning contract and doing the cleaning, with no other business functions, because we do them for you.

We have firm policies of acknowledging a job well done and giving credit where it is due. Our staff rewards are of course an internal matter, however we also have an extra benefits program. If new cleaners that have been referred to us purchase a contract we say thank you for the referral by paying 10% of that purchase price to the cleaner that introduced us.

We believe that communication is the universal solvent and the primary ingredient in any successful business or personal relationship. In keeping with that belief all our staff receive training in this area in additional to the duties of their roles. As such we pride ourselves on our ability to listen and get to the real issues and thus resolve them – with clients, cleaners and suppliers, as well as internally.

Cleaning Contracts Sales Sydney