Cleaning Contract Sales: Your Gateway to Stable Cleaning Contracts for Sale in Lane Cove West

Finding stable cleaning contracts in Lane Cove can be difficult.

Even if you are an experienced cleaner, finding jobs that pay well and offer consistent work is no small feat. Fortunately, if you are looking for cleaning contract work in the Sydney area, Cleaning Contracts For Sale can help. As a subsidiary of Building Cleaning Services, we are connected with one of Australia’s longest-standing cleaning companies. Building Cleaning Services has more than 240 clients, including many major businesses in Sydney and throughout suburbs like Lane Cove. We allocate much of this work out to contractors like you.

Services We Provide Related to Cleaning Contracts in Lane Cove

Why should you work with us to land cleaning contracts for sale in Lane Cove? Here are a few of the services we offer to make our business model worthwhile for cleaning professionals:

  • A fair quoting process: One of the benefits of our nearly 30 years in the industry is that we really know how to quote. Based on variables including the size of the space, the duties outlined in the contract and the experience of the cleaner, we can accurately determine how long the job will take. This detailed quoting process ensures accurate scheduling and time commitment information for our cleaners, as well as fair compensation.
  • Orientation: When you work with us, we don’t just throw you in the deep end and tell you to swim. Instead, we start every contract with a thorough orientation and induction process. Working with one of our training officers, you will be able to get a strong sense of expectations (both ours’ and the client’s) before you shoulder the full burden of the contract. This process minimises the learning curve and sets our cleaners up for success.
  • Provision of equipment: If your contract is worth $6,000 or more, we will include a full set of equipment, including cleaning chemicals, mops and more. If you don’t need the equipment or would rather use your own, we can discount your contract price by $1,000.

Tips Regarding Cleaning Contracts for Sale in Lane Cove West

Before you start exploring cleaning contracts in Lane Cove West, consider these tips to make your life a little easier:

  • Look through all the contracts we have for sale: We have a page on our website where you can view all the contracts we currently have available. Looking for cleaning contracts for sale in Lane Cove? Check our ‘contracts for sale now’ page to see if we have anything matching your needs. Each contract listing outlines the price, details about weekly income, area breakdowns (how much carpeted area, how much timber, etc.) and the client’s preferred days and times for cleaning. These details can help you choose contracts that work for your schedule, budget and income needs.
  • Check back regularly: We are always updating our website with new contracts. If you don’t see a contract that suits you right now, or if you are always on the lookout for extra work, checking our page regularly will raise your chances of spotting and landing ideal jobs as they become available.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter: Better yet, use our newsletter to keep track of cleaning contracts for sale in Lane Cove West. Our newsletter goes out to many Sydney area cleaners to inform them of the latest contract listings.

Finding terrific cleaning contracts in Lane Cove doesn’t have to be difficult. With Cleaning Contract Sales, you can find stable office cleaning contracts for many of the Sydney area’s biggest businesses. Contact us today to learn more.

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