Our Cleaning Contracts

We are confident that Cleaning Contract Sales can offer you a cleaning contract that is one of the fairest and best in the Sydney franchise cleaning industry.

We quote our jobs with the cleaner in mind.

We quote contracts based on realistic times to clean a premises properly. We do not sell on price, we do not reduce prices or under-quote just to get a client, we do not cut prices to beat competitors.

We quote to strict specifications we’ve developed from over thirty years experience of cleaning offices – we KNOW the time it takes to clean and we KNOW that less time means a shoddy result. We quote a realistic price for a realistic job and have happy clients AND happy cleaners.

Key Points


We have contracts in most Sydney metropolitan areas, focusing on the well populated industrial and commercial areas: Sydney city and inner suburbs, North Sydney, Western suburbs, South Western suburbs and Hills districts. We do not cover the Upper North Shore, Northern Beaches, or Southern suburbs.

Easy Cleaning

We specialise in offices, the easiest of all cleaning, it’s all after business hours work with keyed access or building security on duty.

Size of Contracts

There are contracts suitable for one person, two persons and also larger teams.

No Ongoing Or Additional Costs

The purchase price of our contracts is a one time cost and an only cost. Unlike many others in franchise cleaning, there are no other monthly fees, no hidden extra’s, no royalties, no advertising levies – nothing.

Onsite Orientation and Induction

Our operations team are experienced commercial cleaners and because we specialise in office cleaning we have all the functions and systems nicely streamlined and very straightforward. Your trainer will already be familiar with the premises and every aspect of the job will be covered with you.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing quality control backup and full client liaison if required – it’s all geared towards ensuring security of your contract.

Extra Benefits

We also make it rewarding if you introduce another to us and they purchase a cleaning franchise, by giving a lump sum payment of 10% of the purchase price of their first contract bought. Your referral of someone who purchases a $10,000 contract, for example, puts $1,000.00 in your pocket.


Our contracts have a 12 month Warranty that protects your cleaning franchise investment if something happens that is out of our control or your control; such as the client moving premises, going out of business etc.

The Legals

Our legal contract is very fair to both parties and clear in explaining the expectations and responsibilities of both parties. We’ve kept them as simple as possible for a legal document and there’s no ‘fine print’ to worry about.

Cleaning Contracts Sales Sydney