The Cleaning Business

A self employment opportunity with Cleaning Contract Sales is a very straightforward exercise that is advantageous to a newcomer to the franchise cleaning industry as well as those experienced.

Whilst our franchise cleaning system is not unique, the quality of our contracts, the simplicity of the cleaning franchise and our long term stability and reputation are the things that do make Cleaning Contract Sales stand apart from other companies.

This type of self employment is ideal for those who want the independence of having their own small business, an additional source of income, part time cleaning franchise, but want to avoid the hassle of selling, marketing, paperwork, chasing clients for money and all those things that keep you away from actually doing a job that you get paid for. These are included in the monthly invoicing to the client you service.

How the CCFS contract Works

We procure commercial clients and negotiate set terms and agreements with them for cleaning their offices. The cleaning specifications are agreed as part of the contract and the duties of the cleaners are clearly defined.

The contract is then sold, as a cleaning franchise, to a suitable independent cleaners, to do the cleaning work. We provide full onsite Orientation and Induction.

The cleaners invoice Cleaning Contract Sales monthly and are paid promptly, regardless of whether the client is on time or late with their payment.

The work is all evenings, after office hours, and contracts are available throughout Sydney metropolitan areas with the bulk being in the most populated commercial and industrial suburbs. There are contracts suitable for one person, two persons and also larger teams.

Reliable Income

A cleaning contract is one of the few ways you can own a part time business without huge outlay plus have a reliable and predictable income. The only ongoing expenses are your transport, cleaning consumables and equipment. It really is that simple.

No Experience Needed

Apart from being able bodied and willing you don’t need to have prior cleaning experience. The work is generally light manual labour which most people do already easily and with our onsite Orienation and Induction you will be efficient, confident and competent very quickly, if you aren’t already.

No Business Skills Needed

Unlike many other franchise cleaning systems, our cleaning franchise involves NO sales or marketing, NO office work, NO computer skills, No telephone madness – we take care of all of that. The only paperwork is one monthly invoice for your payment – and if you need, we can even supply you with a sample invoice to copy and submit to us each month.

More Details About Our Contracts

Please visit Our Cleaning Contracts page for more detail »


  • Our contracts are quoted with the cleaner in mind
  • No Ongoing Or Additional Costs
  • Onsite Induction and Orientation
  • Ongoing Support if required
  • Contract Warranty
  • Extra Benefits

What’s The Next Step?

Like everything we do, it’s all laid out and made simple for you.

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