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Earn Extra Income

Simple, honest and straight forward part time cleaning franchise with a one-time purchase price and no ongoing fees or charges. How To Get Started

Cleaning Contract Sales is an established Sydney cleaning contract provider in the cleaning franchise industry with a long term reputation for well priced commercial cleaning contracts for sale with no ongoing fees or costs with the backing of an established, well organised and efficient training and management team.

Why Cleaning Contract Sales?

Earn Extra Income

We cater for people looking to earn extra income in the evenings by purchasing a cleaning business, otherwise known as a cleaning franchise or cleaning contract. We have a variety of cleaning contracts for sale, in most areas in Sydney and outer suburbs, that suit both experienced cleaning business / cleaning franchise operators and those new to the industry.

Honest & Simple

We specialise in office cleaning contracts, which is by far the easiest of all cleaning.

The contracts are a simple, honest and straight forward part time cleaning franchise with a one-time purchase price and no ongoing fees or charges. Our intention is for the contracts to last for years.

Clear Cut Business

It really is a very simple and clear cut business or part time extra income opportunity – quick and easy to start, no sales or marketing to do, no paperwork, no complex conditions or fine print and best of all, it’s a no risk investment with a foretold return and guaranteed viability.


They are realistic and have been well quoted – fair return for fair work. We do not undercut on hours or price just to sell a client because we know that this would have no value to you or to us.

Trainings Provided

We provide onsite training, ongoing quality control backup and client liaison if needed.

Payment Plans

We can also provide a payment plan if you don’t have all the funds upfront.

New to Commercial Cleaning?

A cleaning franchise cleaning contract is one of the few ways you can have your own part time business without huge outlay and also have a reliable and predictable income. We have cleaning contracts for sale for one person or two persons to get started, building up to larger contracts for teams as you gain experience.

You don’t need to have commercial cleaning experience or cleaning franchise experience as our training covers everything you need to know and do, you just need to be able bodied and willing.

Our Cleaning Business page contains further details to help you decide if this could be the extra income opportunity you are seeking.

Experienced in Cleaning Business?

You’ll find our realistic quoting refreshing – we know you can’t do a job if it’s been underquoted by overzealous salespersons.

Current contracts for sale are listed on this website and should they be what you are seeking, we look forward to hearing from you. Our cleaning franchise system involves nothing further than the purchase of a cleaning contract –click here for more details.

If you are seeking contracts of a specific size or in particular areas please contact us and make your needs known so that we can contact you when we have something suitable.

If you are keen to pursue your interest to buy a cleaning business or cleaning franchise we are confident that Cleaning Contract Sales can offer you a cleaning contract that is one of the fairest and best in Sydney.

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